SURGE EVENT books a monthly or weekly event at many of Hollywood’s top venues. SURGE EVENT does NOT do numerous shows. Instead, we pride ourselves on QUALITY over QUANTITY. Our events are well planned, organized, attended and advertised. This is one of the reasons why our retention rate of artists and venues wanting to work with us exclusively is one of the best in Hollywood. We are proud to say that several of our clients have refused to work with anyone for YEARS. We welcome all styles and genres at our events as long as the music and message are positive.

Currently booking:

  • Silverlake Lounge
  • The Lexington
  • Globe Theatre
  • Crane’s
  • Viper Room
  • The Mint
  • Bar 20
  • The Grafton Lounge
  • Clifton’s
  • Shakespeare’s (Austin)


We ask everyone “who are you here to see?” and if they mention you, we mark it. You get ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF YOUR DOOR for all paid to see you after a certain number- usually after 15 for acoustic shows and after 25 for full bands. If you’ve got history with us or with certain venues, these terms can easily be changed to make it right for you. And if you want to stand by the door to make sure the numbers are accurate, WE ENCOURAGE IT because we’d like you to MAKE MONEY!

We can also give you 100 FULL COLOR, TWO SIDED DISCOUNT TICKETS TO PASS OUT (not sell!) to help you get MORE PEOPLE TO YOUR SHOW AND TO HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY for only $10! If you can’t afford the $10, we’ll pay it for you or reimburse you the night of the show. We make it easy.

Some of our venues do request ticket packages but NO BAND IS FORCED TO SELL TICKETS. If you have an established draw, we will go to bat for you with the venue! If not, let’s work TOGETHER to make it manageable and find a way for the band to MAKE money or find another cool venue. We do NOT believe in bands having to go to the ATM to play shows in Hollywood. That’s bullshit. We believe in helping a band set up a Pay Pal account and using the technology to make money on shows. Again, let’s work TOGETHER on this. All we ask is that you take your career as seriously as you take your music.

And speaking of careers, we’ve partnered with Independent Music LA to help provide full service consulting, branding, marketing and design for artists seeking to improve exposure and take their career to the next level. More info here Independent Music LA.

And last but not least, for those acts who cannot play our monthly events due to scheduling conflicts, we are the NUMBER ONE REFERRAL SERVICE IN LOS ANGELES. We do not believe in knocking other promoters and saying you should ONLY work with us. That’s NOT conducive to HELPING ARTISTS. We know 3 or 4 cool promoters who are also MUSICIANS, so they get it. If you want the contact info, we’ll be happy to give it to you. Our motto is- “If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can.”